My journey began in my final year of University, (big up Portsmouth AKA Pompeyy oi oi) I was working the slave shift at Waitrose and during my first shift a new store, I was reading the Waitrose food magazine, I remember looking at the images and the interviews and I felt so inspired and filled with the creative shingles.

After my shift, I was so excited (from being free), I was feeling real fancy (aka  an expensive mood at least for a student) and bought some Milano salami, rocket and balsamic vinegar.

I don’t even think I changed from my uniform before I started putting everything together. I was so proud of my “restaurant standard food”, I literally dug out my canon 700d, there and then I had a food shoot. It all changed since then, from that point on, I fell in love. I was able to combine my love for food and photography together, what could be better?

The Milano salami, rocket and balsamic vinegar food shoot:


It was not until recently that I understood that I was really lucky with my education, I studied media at AS level in college, I did my Foundation degree in digital media (2 years), I’ve have taken expensive food photography courses with experienced food photographers and stylists, I’ve done work experience with Waitrose magazine, seeing all the behind-the-scenes

I am very blessed to have gone through all of my past, even though I was uncertain on the route I wanted to take in life. And now, at this point in my journey, I can see the vast opportunities for me to teach people how to develop their existing skills. To be better photgraphers and seeing their potential in order for them to help achieve their goals. If you are running a blog or taking restaurant pictures, catering basically any business that requires food photography, this may interest you.

So, I have listed up some top tips that should get you on your way.  If you have any further questions please do let me know, I would love to hear back! My Instagram is  @Damidelicious feel free to message me.

5 Top Tips on Food Photography

  1. Understand your food 

Understand, what makes your food attractive, is it the colours, textures, flavours? Is it the inside of the gooey brownie that really lures people? Taking a second to really see where the beauty of our food lies is important.

2. Different Angles 

Where does the strength in your food lie and highlight it? When taking pictures of food, I spend time thinking and scanning through the lens, what angle really makes this food tempting. Usually, it takes a lot of takes to get to the one I’m happy with, but I can’t get there until I have found whats right.

3. Patience

The perfect shot may not come the first time, even the industry standard professionals still play about trying to see what works best. It can get frustrating  (for me at least). You see the amazing dish in front of you but it’s not being translated in the camera. DO NOT GIVE UP! I give myself a little time to wash up, distract my self for a bit then…come back to it.

4. Lighting Lighting Lighting!

Girlllll or Boyyyyy…..Natural lighting is your best friend.

That is all    (I joke)

That is all that really needs to be said, try it once – life changed (you are welcome!)

5. Try something new

Experiment, try different cloth materials, backgrounds and props have fun! Play with texture and colour add them and take them away. Add steam, remove it. Experiment in the editing after the shoot. There are no rules, just building blocks

Check out more of my pictures on my  Instagram @Damidelicious

side dish

popcorn sltdScreen Shot 2018-06-06 at 14.12.17.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-06 at 14.11.35.pngcarrots.jpgScreen Shot 2018-06-06 at 14.12.26.png


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