Interview with a Foodie – @FoodwithDom

Hi Guys,

I’m back again and with something a little different (yaaay), I had the great opportunity to interview Dominique aka FoodwithDom, a fellow food blogger and Youtuber with an amazing story!

A little bit about Dominique

Dominique had the fantastic opportunity to be part of  the Culinary Genius series played on ITV, a cooking competition created by Gordon Ramsay himself. Dominique did not win the competition. Fortunately, standing out during her time there, she was invited to join the US version of the show only as an extra.

However with her inability to blend in, she had another invitation was handed to her, but this time to compete again on Culinary Genius based in states, going on to win the whole American series!

As a sign to continiue her passion with food, her blogs captures the beauty of her colourful and vibrant food. Dominques is definately one to watch!

Some Fun Facts about her!

What are your passions outside cooking?


Travelling, I love travelling. Food has put me out of my shell, but travelling had put me out of my shell even more, meeting different people and languages.

How many languages do you speak?

I think I speak about four. I speak Yoruba, English, Spanish Japanese. I started a little bit of Italian and Korean.  I love languages a lot!

Favourite beverage to drink?

White wine but I also love a good gin and tonic. For a cocktail, it has to be a mojito. Absolutely, or a cosmopolitan. I like a lot of drinks.

Sweet or savoury?


Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 18.36.26.png

Thank you again Dominique for the interview, great talking to you! Korean BBQ is still on.

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